By transforming vacant retail space into temporary studios, [working] creates a new way for artists to realize large scale projects in direct dialogue with the public.

Through partnership with property owners, we are building a network of shared interest in the future of San Francisco as a center for art and culture. As an organization, we provide the logistical support, project management, partnerships, and communication to connect the work artists are doing with the public environment we all share.


[working] is a program operated by Problem Library, a non-profit organization that develops practical models for approaching complex problems in society with a focus on art, education and cultural infrastructure.

The [working] program is designed to make cities more efficient and adaptable to macro shifts in desirability of the places we call home.

By creating environments hospitable to creativity and dynamism, we provide a framework for urban development to align with shifting cultural and personal values of place.

Partially inspired by Jane Jacobs’ notion that diversity of use in cities is critical to their vibrancy, the [working] program provides the groundwork for the efficient use of public and private infrastructure to create the cities and neighborhoods of the future.




For Property Owners

[working] offers a way for developers and property owners to support the long-term success of neighborhoods by investing in place and culture. By maintaining large-scale, expertly produced creative projects, we offer a practical pathway to supporting the most forward thinking artists while defining a compelling place to live, work and visit.


Partnership opportunities